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Tata Motors launchs ‘XPRES T EV’ for fleet customers at INR 9.54 lakh

Written by Nayak

Tata Motors officially announced the launch of the ‘XPRES T EV’, targeted at fleet customers. The XPRES brand was first revealed in July 2021 as the commercial electric wing of Tata Motors. Aimed primarily towards fleet customers like mobility services, corporate and government fleet customers, this is one giant step to revolutionize the commercial segment of the country. The car, based on the prev-gen Tigor EV, gets all the necessary kit and equipment to keep the occupants comfortable.

Details Of The XPRES T EV

Tata Motors is using two high energy density battery packs. One is the 21.5 kWh, and another is the 16.5 kWh, having ARAI certified driving range of 213km and 165km, respectively. The EV gets all the standard safety features. This includes dual airbags and ABS with EBD. Tata Motors claims that the charging time from 0 to 80 per cent for the 16.5 kWh battery pack is 90 mins.

Meanwhile, the same for 21.5 kWh is 110 mins. This charging time is when you use a DC fast charger. In the interiors, the car gets a standard automatic climate control with Electric Blue accents. This is a differentiating feature that separates the XPRES T from the rest of Tata Products.

Price Details

As mentioned earlier, Tata Motors is offering the sedan with two battery pack options. And each of them gets two different variants. This makes a total of four different trims. For the Xpres T 165, the price starts at INR 9.54 lakh for the XM trim. Meanwhile, the XZ trim has a sticker price of INR 10.04 lakh.

Similarly, the Xpres T 213 trim also has two trims, XM+ and XZ+. The price for the XM+ trim is INR 10.14 lakh as against INR 10.64 lakh for the XZ+ trim. Tata Motors mentioned that these prices exclude the TCS and specific state cess. And the respective demand incentives of various state governments will further be applicable over this mentioned price.

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