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Tata Ace Celebrates 16 Successful Years in India

Written by AnantaSaranNayak

Celebrating 16 successful years of the Ace, Tata Motors launches the ’16 saal bemisaal’ campaign. Tata Motors will organize a roadshow to commemorate this event, where Tata Aces will travel around ten states covering over 4 lakh kilometres. This roadshow will also aim to showcase Ace’s operational prowess and build quality.

Thus, spreading the word about its success across all ten states. On this roadshow, Tata will also distribute medical face masks spreading awareness given the Covid-19 scenario. This campaign also aims to encourage people to start small-scale logistics business which is currently booming in this pandemic-induced economic slowdown. Tata Motors will also allow interested customers to get a first-hand experience of Ace’s comfort and drivability.

Tata Ace – One Of The Most Successful Commercial Vehicle

Currently, in India’s 4-wheeler small commercial vehicle segment, Tata Ace boasts of having more than 60 per cent of the market share. Tata Ace is also popularly known as ‘Chota Haathi’ due to its quality and reliable mechanicals. Since its launch in 2005, the mini-truck has provided a livelihood for over 2.3 million Indians. The Tata Ace has also contributed significantly to the Indian cargo transportation network. We can safely state that Tata Ace is one of the most successful Indian commercial vehicles of all time. And Tata Motors is working hard each day to make the Ace even better than before.

What Makes Tata Ace So Popular?

Owners of Tata Ace have always appreciated its low operating and maintenance costs. In addition to this, Ace’s ease of acquisition, favourable pricing, and high fuel efficiency are also major contributors to Ace’s popularity. Tata Motors also claims that the vehicle is developed and designed to maximize revenue by enhancing the load capacity and quicker turnaround time. This makes Tata Ace a popular choice for both urban and rural transportation. As of today, the Ace is available with diesel, petrol, and CNG options. Thus catering to a wide range of customers. Tata Motors is also in a tie with various banks to streamline the process of owning its range of small commercial vehicles.

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