Tata Motors shares Car Care Tips to keep your car safe during lockdown

Car Care Tips by tata
Written by AnantaSaranNayak

Tata Motors comes forward to announce simple car care tips and tricks to protect your cars during the lockdown. The increasing trend of Covid-19 cases has put a halt on the movement of the customers. All of us are now restricted to our homes, and thus, the cars are also standing unused. As the customers cannot visit the service centres, there can be inevitable potential repercussions due to this.

Therefore, Tata Motors decided to educate its customers with a few easy to follow car care guidelines. This awareness program can also help car owners of other brands looking to take the utmost care of their cars in these unprecedented times.

Lockdown Car Care Tips and Tricks

Tata Motors mentioned that safe car parking is one of the important parameters for safeguarding the internal components. Cars remaining immobile for an extended period can cause flat spots on the tyres. Hence, to avoid this, customers should move their vehicles backwards and forward at regular intervals. Periodic tyre pressure monitoring can help prevent the cracking of rubber and the side spots. The battery, when left unused for an extended period, starts to discharge. Thus, to ensure that the battery remains charged, customers should start their cars once a week for around 20 minutes. This will also protect the auxiliary battery from running out of charge.

Tips For Electric Vehicle Owners In This Lockdown

Tata mentioned that the Nexon EV customers could remove the – VE terminal of the AUX battery. This will safeguard the battery when left unused for an extended period. The state of charge (SOC) between 40 per cent to 60 per cent returns the best results when the car is left unattended in this lockdown. To restart the vehicle, first, connect the – VE terminal of the battery. Then charge the car to 100 per cent using a slow charger.

Few Other Important Points

The car should not remain parked using the hand-brake for a more extended time. For the best results, the owner should park the car in gear. For a downhill slope, keep the car parked in reverse gear. Likewise, for uphill slope, engage the first gear and park the vehicle without using the hand brake. For automatic transmission, it is imperative to provide wheel support using chocks or bricks. Tata also recommends a full tank to avoid moisture from settling inside. Customers should also clean the cabin and critical touchpoints regularly using a disinfectant or cleaning solution. A car cover is also recommended to protect the car’s paint job from dust and other external factors.

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