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Tata Motors Will Deliver 115 Ambulances to Government of Gujarat

Written by Nayak

Tata Motors is taking significant steps in extending its support to the country in the wake of this pandemic. Recently, the Government of Gujarat bagged the order of 115 ambulances. As a part of this order, Tata Motors has supplied 25 Tata Wingers Ambulances. The company mentioned that they would supply the remaining 90 ambulances in the coming days.

Tata Motors also confirmed that these ambulances adhere to the AIS 125 part 1 regulation. All the state government officials attended the induction ceremony held in Gandhinagar. These Tata Winger Ambulances get all the essential life support and special equipment to treat Covid-19 patients.

Tata Winger To Help Support Patients In Gujarat

Given the current situation of the pandemic, there’s a massive demand for ambulances all across the country. The Covid-19 was a significant hurdle to the Indian healthcare system with the overwhelming number of cases. Tata Motors won the bid to deliver the order under the Government e-marketplace. The brand mentioned that this ambulance has modular underpinnings and monocoque chassis.

Tata Motors has equipped an independent suspension with this Winger Ambulance to provide comfortable transportation to the patients. Along with this, the ambulance also has a partition, which keeps the driver safe from getting in contact with the patient.  Tata Motors also offer ambulances in the form of the Magic Express and LP410 with a double stretcher.

Tata Motors’ Magic Express Ambulance

Recently, Tata Motors had launched an ambulance version of the Magic Express. This ambulance has all the necessary medical equipment to keep the patient at ease. Essential medical equipment like auto-loading stretcher, medical cabinet, oxygen cylinder, and fire extinguisher are present in the ambulance. The vehicle gets an 800cc TCIC engine that produces 44 HP of power and 110 Nm of torque. With this and the stretcher LP410, Tata Motors offers the most comprehensive range of ambulances in the country.

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