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Okinawa setting up new Galaxy Store in Nerul, Navi Mumbai

Written by Rohit Tonapi

One of India’s largest electric two-wheeler manufacturers, Okinawa Autotech, gears up to inaugurate another state-of-the-art Galaxy Store in Nerul, Navi Mumbai. Mr Jeetender Sharma, Founder and MD of Okinawa Autotech, said that the idea behind an exclusive experience centre in Maharashtra is to offer customers a one-of-a-kind experience. He also added that the company ensures its stores’ energy remains engaging and vibrant. Thus, improving the overall customer experience greatly. The inauguration of the Okinawa Galaxy Store is an exclusive invite-only event. At the event, auto enthusiasts can browse through all the high- and low-speed E-scooters Okinawa offers.

What Are Okinawa Galaxy Stores?

Okinawa’s Galaxy Stores provide real-time customer experience, and best-in-class looks. It does so by exhibiting its product portfolio for touch and feel to the customers. Okinawa also powering the stores is the company’s innovation, showcasing its world-class technology.

The Galaxy Store aims to set a precedent for next-generation auto selling. Furthermore, it also aims to improve customers’ engagement with electric two-wheelers. The Galaxy Store also offers customers and EV lovers an exclusive behind-the-scenes view and the inner workings of the EVs.

Okinawa says the one-of-a-kind setup’s first priority is customer experience. The sales are secondary. Customers also get to see cut-section scooters on display and other crucial components in detail. These include the battery, motor and chassis. Another highlight is the customization zone. It lets customers revamp their chosen model with bespoke details.

Okinawa Autotech – Product Lineup

The company currently offers a total of 7 electric scooters in India. These include 3 low-speed models and 4 high-speed models. The low-speed range consists of – R30, Lite and Dual. The Dual, which is aimed at the last-mile delivery segment, is available in three battery options. These include – 28AH, 35AH and 55AH. 

On the other hand, the high-speed range consists of – Ridge+, PraisePro, IPraise+ and OKHI-90. Furthermore, the Ridge+ is available in two variants – Ridge+ (without GPS) and Ridge+ (with GPS).

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