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Hyundai sold 54,474 cars in June 2021

Written by Nayak

Hyundai Motor India Ltd releases its sales report for June 2021. HMIL garnered 40,496 units in the domestic sector, up from 21,320 units in June 2020, thus resulting in a growth of 89.9 per cent. Hyundai India, the country’s largest exporter of passenger vehicles, exported 13,978 units for the given month. Compared to the June 2020 figure, which stood at 5,500 units, thus translating to a growth of 154.1 per cent. Overall, the total cumulative sales stood at 54,474 units compared to 26,820 units in June 2020, which translates to a growth of 103.1 per cent.

Hyundai Alcazar Hits The Showrooms

The all-new Hyundai Alcazar has finally made its entry into the Indian market. The increasing popularity of three-row SUVs in the market compelled Hyundai to test its competency in this segment with the Alcazar. Offering a wide range of powertrain and fuel options, Alcazar will indeed have a very wide target audience. The growing popularity of the Creta, on which the Alcazar is based, will help boost the sales. Hyundai being Hyundai has loaded with tons of features in the new Alcazar. The new Alcazar is available in both 6-seater and 7-seater configurations. The brand also offers both petrol and diesel engine options and both manual and automatic transmission options.

In Other News

Recently Hyundai Motors India Ltd. rolled out its 10 Millionth car in the Indian market and thus becoming the fastest car maker in India to do so. This shows how much Indians are relying on the brand. In the form of the Alcazar, the celebratory vehicle rolled out of its manufacturing facility in Chennai. To lure in more customers in the current pandemic situation, Hyundai is offering a host of innovative services. The carmaker has incorporated various contactless and smart initiatives across its dealership in the country. This helps in gaining the confidence of the customers and hence boosting the sales figure.

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