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Hyundai betting big on Automotive Retail with Contactless Sales

Written by Nayak

Hyundai Motors India announces the successful adoption of its contactless sales initiatives. Along with this, the company has also launched its AI Chatbot ‘Hi Hyundai’ to improve the customer experience digitally. Hyundai is also talking highly about their Hyundai Showroom Live that the brand first launched in November 2020.

And under this initiative, over 5,000 Hyundai Dealer sales consultants across India have provided a safe, seamless, and hassle-free car buying experience. Hyundai confirmed that, as of now, a total of 50,000 customers have benefitted from this Hyundai Showroom Live initiative. And it was a massive hit given the current times of social distancing and contactless services.

Hyundai Integrating Various Digital Tools To Enhance Customer Service

With the world making a significant shift towards digitalization, the automotive industry is also on the same line. Cars these days are getting much smarter with a lot of sophisticated technology. Hyundai Motors is one of the leading automotive firms which has always been a forerunner in the race for innovation. Hyundai’s AI Chatbot helps customers in assisting virtually. Customers can use Hyundai AI Chatbot to inquire about nearest dealerships, get the latest offers, book a test drive, and book a new car.

Features Of Hyundai’ Showroom Live

Hyundai Showroom Live gets customization options to provide services like 360-degree views, vehicle specifications, features, hotspots, and brochures. Given the current situation, customers can also leverage Hyundai’s ‘Click To Buy’ platform for online car booking. One of the critical highlights of Hyundai Showroom Live is that it sends notifications directly via SMS and Hyundai’s Whatsapp account. And hence, the customer need not download an additional app for this.

In Other News

Hyundai is also rolling out other contactless sales initiatives like 3D configurator, which aids the customers to interact with their favourite Hyundai car safely. These interactive 3D models are accessible via a 75-inch touchscreen display at the dealerships, thus enhancing the customer service experience.

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