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Porsche 911, Cayenne & Panamera get new infotainment

Written by Nayak

Porsche launches its new infotainment system, PCM 6.0, to boast its calibre in this growing age of innovation and tech supremacy. According to the German luxury car manufacturer, Porsche customers can enjoy Apple Music and Apple Podcasts built into the PCM. Along with Apple CarPlay support, Porsche has also integrated Android Auto for the first time. Thus the Voice Pilot voice assistance can now understand instructions in natural language. This upgrade will also enable the system to receive software updates over the air. Hence customer’s will have no hassle of software up-gradation every time they visit the service centre.

More Added Features And Tech

Customers can now enjoy phone functions and smartphone apps that do not impair driving safety via this new PCM 6.0. All the customer needs to do is connect their mobile phone with the system via a USB cable or wirelessly. Porsche confirmed that in the future, the PCM system would also have dynamic sound adaption. This means that the music will adapt to the driving style. Customers having an Apple Music subscription can now enjoy over 75 million songs ad-free with multiple curated playlists, daily selections, top hits, and more. To sync their data, customers will have to link their Apple ID to the vehicle via the Porsche Connect App or online at My Porsche.

Wireless Apple CarPlay Support Also Included

For convenience and a wire-free cabin, Porsche is also providing its customers with wireless Apple CarPlay support. This will enable the driver to connect their iPhone without any cable, which is a very convenient addition. This will also provide the customers with updates like traffic alerts, make calls, receive messages, listen to music, and more. Voice commands like ‘Hey Porsche’ and ‘I need petrol’ will trigger the voice command system. This will ensure that the drivers need not remove their hands off the steering wheel and yet carry on with various requests.

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