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Honda launches anti virus cabin air-filter in India

Written by Akhil Dalvi

One of the leading car manufacturers, Honda Cars India Ltd. (HCIL), has announced an innovative Antivirus Cabin Air-filter for its cars. The new cabin-air filter aims to capture a variety of harmful germs, allergens, and viruses that cause significant health problems.

Honda Cabin Air Filtration System

HCIL developed the air filter in cooperation with Freudenberg, a global technology group that strengthens customers and society via noteworthy innovations. Honda will offer the new air filter as an accessory and as an alternative to its standard pollen filter. According to Honda, the air filter provides active protection by reducing the number of viral aerosols thanks to its multi-layer design. The design enables filtration, capture, and suppression of harmful environmental gases along with both inorganic or organic particles and aerosols. Overall, the new air filter aims to mitigate the risk of viral air pollutants during travelling and provide protection.

Reduced Risk of Infection

Honda recommends increasing the supply of fresh air to reduce the concentration of aerosols and infection-related risks inside the cabin. Removing viruses largely depends on the efficiency of the filtration system and the air exchange rate during recirculation mode. The air filter’s first microfiber layer contains an active leaf extract which inactivates allergens and bacteria, preventing their release in the cabin. The activated carbon layer of the filter absorbs harmful acidic gases, PM2.5 pollutants, and particulate matter. Other layers of the filter capture viruses, ultra-fine aerosols, dust, and pollen.

Antivirus Cabin Air-filter

The spread of viruses occurs via droplets produced during sneezing, coughing, or breathing. These viruses remain infectious on surfaces for hours or days, and factors like wind, temperature, and humidity can get them airborne. Along with providing protection against virus transmissions, the filter can also trap droplet nuclei below 5 m. All HCIL dealerships across India will supply and fit the new Antivirus Cabin Air-filter on recent Honda models.

Other News

Based on the sales report for September 2021, Honda Cars sold a total of 6,765 units in the Indian market. HCIL exported 2,964 units for the international market, with the local demand for cars on the rise. Thanks to the vaccination of the populace and the upcoming festive season, sales for the brand will scale to new highs. Despite HCIL facing a shortage of semiconductor chips, the company made it clear to meet its production targets.

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