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Ampere & BLive Promoting EV tourism in India

Written by Akhil Dalvi

This ‘World Tourism Day’, Ampere Electric, the e-mobility business of Greaves Cotton Limited, has announced joining hands with BLive. Ampere Electric has over 13 years of experience in EV technology as well as designing and manufacturing electric vehicles. BLive is India’s first EV Tourism platform to promote EV tourism across the country.

Exploring Undiscovered India with BLive on Ampere Electric Scooters

Starting in Goa, BLive and Ampere have now embarked on this unique journey of showcasing undiscovered India, a treasure for hidden jewels of art, culture and rich heritage in a clean and green manner via the electric scooter. Ampere is the preferred choice for customers searching for a cost-effective and environmentally friendly mobility option due to its scooter’s ability to cover long distances and provide uninterrupted movement across tourist spots in one single charge.

Ampere Electric Scooters – Ease of Charging

Adding to the fact that they can be charged across any wall mount plug akin to a mobile phone, these lightweight scooters are easy to drive, swift to handle in traffic & park even when ridden by senior travellers, women & teenagers. The experience of 100,000 customers has also proven the scooter’s frequent start-stop-go capability. The e-scooter also comes with lightweight, portable batteries that can be easily lifted & moved. Customers can charge the battery even in high rise buildings, hotels & staycation destinations. Ampere and BLive will work together to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles on a massive scale, resulting in India becoming electrified.

Ampere Electric Scooters – Rideability & Sustainability 

The scooter also sports an exceptionally good ride, drive comfort and is quieter than most ICE vehicles. This allows for an ideal travel companion for anyone who enjoys the sounds of nature and scenic atmosphere and is conscious of the carbon footprint. There is a growing awareness of sustainable travel, especially in the Post-Covid world. 

As sustainability spans across the environment to promote the local community, this partnership will ensure a positive impact. The brand aims to protect and create multiple employment opportunities in line with the theme for WTD 2021. This focus of the brand also centres around Inclusive Growth. Therefore, Ampere vehicles address health-conscious citizens looking forward to buying smart products. Also, products that are affordable & sustainable in the long run. In addition to this, being a responsible brand, Ampere Electric is pioneering the cause of clean last-mile mobility in the country.

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