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Ampere Electric has 500+ touchpoints in India

Written by Nayak

Ampere Electric expands its touchpoints across the country. The company mentioned that currently, it has over 500 customer touchpoints covering most parts of the country. This includes 350 dealerships in the electric two-wheeler segment and 165 dealerships in the e-rickshaw segment. Given the current uptick in demand for electric vehicles in India, Ampere Electric will add more touchpoints at a much faster pace. Ampere Electric confirmed that there has been fast-growing demand in both retail as well institutional segments. The company is also working to improve its digital services, which is one of the key features in today’s time.

An EV For Everyone

Ampere Electric is motivated by the current demand for electric vehicles in the country. The company wants to build a strong assurance and peace of mind among the e-scooter buyers in the country. Under the ‘An EV for Everyone’ initiative, Ampere Electric aims to become a major player in the mass mobility segment. This will help more individuals and families join the EV movement and thus increase the market share of electric vehicles in the country. The company also said that they are witnessing a major boost in sales post the lockdown. Ampere’s range of electric scooters has been primarily successful amongst the students, homemakers and last-mile delivery operators.

More News

Ampere Electric also highlighted the recent amendment in the Fame-II subsidy. This is a great step taken by the Government of India to provide incentives for the customers opting to buy electric vehicles. This will encourage more customers to join this movement and prefer to buy an EV over their traditional IC engine-powered counterparts. Ampere Electric claims that its range of scooters come with host rider related aids. This includes light-weight and portable lithium-ion batteries, running costs as low as 15paise/km, superior ride quality, extended life warranty and more.

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