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2022 Ather 450X Gen 3 launched in India at INR 1,37,612

Written by Rohit Tonapi

Ather Energy was one of the first premium electric scooter brands in India. However, over time, it has faced stiff competition. Even then, Ather has had an excellent success run with its 450 Plus and 450X in the country. Over time, the scooter’s only complaint that stopped many people from opting for it has been the range. To answer those complaints, Ather Energy has launched the 2022 Ather 450 Plus and 450X Gen 3 in India. 

Ather says test rides for the Gen 3 models will begin from today across all the Ather Experience Centres in the country. Furthermore, deliveries will also start from tomorrow onwards. Thus, those eager to get one won’t have to wait. 

2022 Ather 450X Gen 3 – Variants and Pricing

Like before, the electric scooter will be available in two variants – 450 Plus and 450X. Ather did not mention any new colour options. Hence, it will continue with the same colour options. To recap, these are – Space Grey, White and Mint Green. 

Pricing for the two variants will largely depend on the city you are buying in. This is because of the various state subsidies in addition to the FAME II subsidy. The 450X Gen 3 will be the least expensive in Ahmedabad, costing INR 137,612 ex-showroom. Meanwhile, the 450 Plus Gen 3 will cost you INR 1,16,101 ex-showroom in Ahmedabad. In Mumbai, the 450 Plus Gen 3 will come with a sticker price of INR 128,424, while the 450X Gen 3 will cost INR 149,934 ex-showroom. 

The ex-showroom prices include the applicable FAME II subsidy, Ather Dot or Portable Charger and the performance upgrade (in the case of 450X). 

2022 Ather 450X Gen 3 – What’s New?

Larger Battery

The biggest reason for Ather to update the 450X is a bigger battery. The 450X Gen 3 comes with a 25 per cent larger capacity battery that also has a 20 per cent longer life. The battery capacity is now 3.7 kWh, up from 2.9 kWh. Ather also says the battery has better thermal efficiency than before. The larger battery results in a much longer range. Ather says the 450X Gen 3 gets a certified range of 146 km. In terms of the brand’s more realistic ‘TruRange’, it goes up from 85 km to 105 km.

The bigger battery and longer range also mean the numbers have increased for each ride mode. In the Eco mode, the number goes up from 85 km to 105 km. In the case of the Ride mode, it is up to 85 km from the previous 70 km. The Sport mode sees an increase from 60 km to 75 km. At the same time, the Warp mode now offers 65 km of range, up from 50 km. Ather claims with the increased range, 94 per cent of the users can ride in Warp mode alone.

Performance Tyres As Standard

The 450X Gen 3 will also get new performance tyres as standard. Though Ather did not mention it, they will likely be available as an accessory for older models as well. The tyres are co-developed with MRF and come with a softer compound and improved tread profile.

Ather claims the tyres offer 22 per cent better grip across all weather conditions. Furthermore, the brand says the tyres will allow more speed across corners than before. The tyres’ added grip will also help shorten the braking distances. Ather claims the Gen 3 will be able to stop from 60 kmph, 20 per cent faster than before. 

New Rear-View Mirrors

The new 450X Gen 3 will also get new mirrors. The mirrors feature aluminium construction like before. However, Ather says the new design offers 2 times the visibility and 5 times more reliability. These mirrors are also backwards compatible. Thus, these will be compatible across all the Ather models.

More RAM

The brand is also doubling the RAM for its dashboard from 1 GB to 2 GB. Ather claims that because of the added RAM, it gets 5 times of application space. This enables faster interactions across the user interface. Ather also hinted that this unlocks new possibilities in the future. These include – offline maps, voice commands, multi-language support, deeper diagnostics, richer graphics and running more apps in parallel.

New Accessories

Along with the 450X Gen 3, Ather also introduced two new accessories for the electric scooter. The first one is the TPMS. The accessory is already available in Ather Experience Centres. The integrated TPMS system offers real-time alerts on the dashboard and the phone app if tyre pressures drop. 

The other accessory is the most asked for by customers – a side step. The side-step integrates seamlessly with the scooter’s design and is made of single-cast aluminium. It also gets a soft-rubber finish for better grip.

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