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Ather Energy sold 3,231 units in June 2022

Written by Nayak

Ather Energy has posted its sales figure for June 2022. The electric two-wheeler maker sold a total of 3,231 units for the given month. Compared to June 2021, the growth rate stands at 9 times. For Kerala state, Ather Energy is the leading EV OEM, with currently a market share of 24 per cent. Ather also talked about the gap in the supply chain, which is impacting production. However, the company has reassured us that they are actively working with its supplier partners to reduce this gap.

SBI Easy Financial Options

To help enable a seamless buying experience, Ather has also tied up with SBI. Under this collaboration, customers can now leverage the reach and penetration of SBI to accelerate the adoption of EVs in the country. The purchase process will now be much easier, as SBI will take care of the financial proceedings.

More Dealerships Coming In

With the increase in demand, Ather is also expanding its dealership network rapidly. A wide dealership network will help cater to a larger volume of audience. Thus, boosting the overall sales. Ather Energy recently inaugurated two new experience centres in Mangalore (Karnataka) and Thane (Maharashtra). The Experience Centres are also the perfect one-stop place to learn about scooters. Furthermore, the customers can also get to know the working of an EV and also learn more about the charging process. As of today, Ather has its presence in 35 markets across 43 experience centres.

Other Updates

Recent reports also suggest Ather is working to enhance the range with a bigger battery. With the competition increasing day by day, all the EV makers are on their toes. Ather Energy was an early adopter in this segment and understood the game well. We do not have any official confirmation regarding the long-range version, but we assume the work is already in progress.

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