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You can now book an Uber using Hindi on WhatsApp

Written by Nayak

Uber today announced the launch and expansion of the WhatsApp to Ride (WA2R) product feature. This is now available for users in Delhi NCR. Under this integration, riders across Delhi NCR can now book an Uber ride via its official WhatsApp chatbot. Uber conducted a successful pilot in Lucknow in December last year. The Delhi NCR launch signifies a superior and more intuitive product experience with multilingual capabilities in English and Hindi.

Uber can now expand its mobility services to a new segment of consumers. Uber mentioned the positive response from its Lucknow pilot, which motivated them to roll out the WhatsApp to Ride experience in Delhi NCR as well. The simplicity of the ride-booking experience within the WhatsApp interface will help Uber to acquire new riders. Uber’s official chatbot on WhatsApp gets support from Infobip, a global business solution provider to both Uber and WhatsApp.

Steps For Bookings

WhatsApp users in Delhi NCR can book an Uber ride in three easy ways. The first is via messaging to Uber’s business account number. The second is through scanning a QR code. And third is clicking a link directly to open an Uber WhatsApp chat. After that, the customer will have to provide pickup and drop-off locations. After this, upfront fare information and the driver’s expected arrival time will show up.

Uber confirmed that the riders get access to the same safety features and insurance protection as those who book trips via Uber’s app directly. They will also get all the information like the name of the driver and license plate number of the car on booking. Users can also check the driver’s location en route to the pickup point and speak to the driver anonymously using a masked number. Uber mentioned that the service is available to both new and existing users who registered with only a phone number on Uber.

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