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Yamaha YZF-R7 gets race ready with GYTR kit

Written by Nayak

When Yamaha launched the YZF-R7 earlier this year, motorcycle enthusiasts were not entirely impressed with the product. The motorcycle is nowhere comparable to its predecessor, the YZF-R6. That’s also understood as the R7 makes use of underpinnings from the beginner-friendly MT-07. Moreover, Yamaha has designed the product to make it more tractable and novice-friendly, with a larger target audience. And hence to make the motorcycle more track friendly and give the motorcycle enthusiasts something to cheer out for, Yamaha has released a complete racing kit for the R7. The Genuine Yamaha Technology Racing (GYTR) kit uses a host of mechanical additions that greatly enhance the motorcycle’s performance.

What Will You Get With The R7 GYTR Kit

One of the first changes which the rider will notice is the revised suspension. Yamaha uses a more brutal, fully adjustable unit from Ohlins that replaces the soft and road-oriented suspension in the stock trim. Moreover, the rear mono-shock unit is also from Ohlins. Given the improvement in the performance of the vehicle, Yamaha has also updated the braking setup. The high-performance steel braided brake line will provide the rider with more confidence while going into a corner.

The exhaust system from Akrapovic helps in reducing the weight and complements the GYTR kit perfectly. To provide the extra edge in improving the aerodynamics, Yamaha is making use of clips-on and rear-set footpegs. One of the interesting additions to this edition is the full race fairing with a headlight delete. The fibreglass-reinforced plastic fairing provides an aesthetic appeal and, at the same time, helps in reducing weight significantly.


As of now, Yamaha is offering the GYTR kit as a bolt-on kit for the production version of the YZF-R7. Interested customers can visit Yamaha’s official website to get more details of this kit. Yamaha should think of launching the R7 GYTR trim as a factory-made trim. This would surely grab the attention of motorsport enthusiasts, thus making the motorcycle ever more popular.

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