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Hyundai plans to add a screen in the steering wheel?

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Hyundai could be planning to reinvent the wheel, not the ones driving their cars but the steering wheel. The brand could be planning to add a digital display in the middle of the steering wheel where one would usually find the horn pad. The design patents of this interesting concept have emerged on the internet. This may not be a confirmation that such a steering wheel will make it to Hyundai cars in production. But it could well be a design draft for concept cars of the future.

One is Not Enough

In today’s world, we are totally surrounded by screens, and Hyundai’s patent does not show a measly display. But the screen on the steering wheel is likely to occupy the entire horn pad. This isn’t the first time the South Korean manufacturer is attempting something like this. in the past, Hyundai came up with something called the Virtual Cockpit Study. Under the concept, the brand added two small touchscreens on either end of the steering wheels. And because these were touchscreens with multiple programs, there was no need to add dedicated buttons. 

Peripheral Vision

Currently, many manufacturers have started to eliminate dedicated hotkeys and rotary knobs from the dashboards. Many brands are integrating these buttons into the central infotainment touchscreen systems. This by-the-way is quite a pain in the neck to use and also dangerous while moving.

A touchscreen the size of Audi’s Virtual Cockpit smack dab in the middle of the steering wheel might also prove dangerous. The driver would need to take their eyes off the road to read the information on the screen and also to provide any inputs. When close, the steering wheel would not even be in the driver’s peripheral vision eliminating the benefits from it. Will it be a smart idea? And will Hyundai put the concept into production? Remains to be seen. 

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