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Hyundai i20 N Line gets a unique marketing strategy

Written by Nayak

Hyundai i20 N Line has created quite a significant impact in the market. This is partly also because of Hyundai India’s marketing strategy. The carmaker had partnered with Instagram to spread the news of i20 N Line to a larger audience. Also, the Creator’s Arena is the perfect representation of the hatchback’s energetic character. This Creator’s Arena is a unique marketing tactic that acts as a playground for the ever-evolving millennial audiences.

Hyundai India Makes The Best Use Of Social Media

Leveraging the Creator’s Arena, Hyundai had invited social media influencers all across the country. These Instagrammers would then show their creativity and publish exclusive content keeping i20 N Line as the main subject. This will help target different genres of audiences and, at the same time, represent the brand’s dynamic character and versatility.

A total of 80 renowned content creators across five different genres were invited for this event. This includes Automobiles, Lifestyle, Fitness, Fashion and Entertainment. A total of 240 digital content pieces became an outcome of this event, including photographs, reels and videos. Hyundai mentioned that in just 20 days, they had a reach of 57 million through this Creator’s Arena Platform. This ecosystem is able to manifest Hyundai’s enthusiasm and dedication towards serving its customers.

Hyundai i20 N Line – Quick Overview

At the very first look, this special edition looks much more sporty and aggressive than the regular trim. The larger 16-inch alloys, with the chequered flag-inspired front grille, make the car stand out in the crowd. There are more exterior updates as well. This includes a rear bumper diffuser, sporty spoiler and twin tip muffler.

The interiors also get special N Line touches. The chequered flag theme has its mark inside the cabin as well and is seen on the seat upholstery. The driver will surely take notice of the three-spoke N Line branded steering wheel. There are some minor updates to the mechanicals as well. The suspension is a bit stiff that makes it more stable at higher speeds. Other upgrades include all four discs, tuned exhaust, sporty steering wheel setup and paddle shifters.

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