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Tata Nexon in more demand than Hyundai Creta

Written by Nayak

Tata Nexon is the country’s highest-selling SUV. It is the first time that a Tata SUV has clinched this title. Defeating the ever-popular Hyundai Creta, Nexon is the new king in the SUV segment. The sales figure for Creta stood at 1,18,092 units for fiscal 2022. Meanwhile, Nexon sold a total of 1,24,130 units. Interestingly this also includes the sales figures of Nexon EV, which sold a total of 14,248 units. And hence, this figure was the deciding factor in pushing Nexon as the segment leader.

EVs Playing A Vital Role For Tata Motors

With the success of Nexon in the electric mobility segment pretty much evident, Tata Motors is on a roll. In recent years, Tata Motors has improved leaps and bounds in terms of sales figures. Interesting car launches like the Nexon, Safari and likes have made the brand much more appealing to the customers. In fact, fiscal 2022 Nexon’s sales figure was also the highest for a Tata brand in 15 years since the Indica logged 135,642 units way back in 2018.

SUVs Growing Increasingly Popular

The demand is running high for SUVs, which is the trend throughout different price ranges. Customers are looking for high-raised bulky cars, starting from mass-market options to high-end luxury cars. The preference of the customers is justified to a great extent. Given the adverse road conditions barring few highways, you are always better off with an SUV. And hence the raised ground clearance is a big plus point for the Indian roads.

In addition to this, SUVs also look much more commanding than their sedan/hatchback counterparts. This gives a sense of owning a bigger vehicle without paying significantly more. If we see the list of new car launches, more than half of them are of the SUV body type. This is an indicator that most of the major carmakers have shifted their focus primarily to SUVs.

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