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So what is this Audi charging hub?

Written by Akhil Dalvi

German luxury manufacturer Audi has unveiled its latest charging hub concept at the exhibition centre in Nuremberg for its EVs. Audi opened the charging hub for EV customers who don’t have charging opportunities on December 23rd to provide high-power charging. Additionally, Audi’s charging hub intends to fulfil future peak demand for charging in urban environments by offering a connected lounge area. Audi states that this charging hub will drastically help reduce the charging anxiety of EV owners while starting their day.

The self-sufficient and affordable charging infrastructure 

Audi states that the cubes act as the foundation of the charging hub, which they can assemble/disassemble when required. Each cube will feature two fast-charging stations for EV customers, which Audi can combine to form various constellations. Audi will utilize used and processed lithium-ion batteries as energy storage systems to reduce overall costs and resources. This will enable Audi to keep things simple by avoiding complex infrastructure that requires high-voltage power lines and expensive transformers.

With interim storage of around 2.45 MWh, the Nuremberg charging stations will only require a 200 kW green-power connection. Audi states that 200 kW is enough to continually fill the storage modules and solar panels provide 30 kW. Therefore, customers can charge up to 80 EVs using 320 kW of power at six charging points without reaching the limits. Audi states that its e-tron GT can achieve a charging capacity of up to 270 kW whilst using the charging hub.

Cost of Charging and Services 

Audi states that customers sporting an e-tron Charging Service contract will end up paying 31 cents per kilowatt-hour. This will allow the Nuremberg charging hub to become a real alternative to home charging due to affordable charging prices. Audi customers can use the new reservation function on the myAudi app to book any of the six aforementioned slots. Customers can use the Plug and Charge (PnC) functionality of the charging hub without the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) card.

Currently, Audi also offers other additional attractive services on-site such as an exchange station for electric bike batteries. It also offers an electric scooter lending service, information about various Audi products, and test drives of Audi EVs. The charging hub consists of a barrier-free lounge within the 2,153 sq. ft. area that includes a 431 sq. ft. patio. The lounge also features a 98-inch screen where customers can configure Audi models or gather more information about its functionality.

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