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Omega Seiki Mobility & SUN Mobility to deploy 10,000 Commercial EVs with swappable batteries

Written by Akhil Dalvi

Omega Seiki Mobility (OSM) as part of the 5-decade old Anglian Omega Group has partnered up with Bengaluru-based SUN Mobility. One of India’s leading technology solutions companies will aid OSM to deploy 10,000 of its OSM Rage+ swappable batteries. Via this collaboration, OSM will gain access to SUN Mobility’s nationwide network of Swap Points with advanced Quick Interchange Station (QIS’). The Swap Points will also provide real-time visibility via a state-of-the-art, IoT-based, end-to-end energy infrastructure management platform.

Benefits & Uses of the Swappable Batteries

Placed at convenient locations like IOCL fuel stations, the Swap Points will allow customers to swap batteries within 2 minutes. Thanks to this alliance, Omega Seiki Mobility’s entire product portfolio will gain new value via easily swappable batteries. SUN Mobility has ensured to develop and assemble the lithium-ion batteries with highly efficient, sustainable, and cutting-edge technology for India.

Electric three-wheeler customers can utilize SUN Mobility’s QIS’ to switch their discharged batteries for fully-charged ones which reduces range anxiety. Along with addressing concerns regarding long charging times and inadequate charging infrastructure, the QIS’ offers interoperability across two and three-wheelers. Customers will receive the benefits of best-in-class batteries without any additional investments or worrying about battery quality, life, or degradation.

Focus on the Future

Omega Seiki Mobility states that this partnership will play a pivotal role in India as it will promote EV adoption. The battery swapping technology will greatly support the e-commerce and logistics segments in India without the need for energy infrastructure. SUN Mobility states that its QIS’ system will enhance the last-mile transportation segment in India and provide affordable disruptive innovation. By partnering with SUN Mobility, OSM has become the only Indian manufacturer to offer a complete end-to-end mobility solution.

By equipping its entire three-wheeler range with OSM Rage+ batteries, both companies will share a common goal towards creating sustainable mobility. OSM and SUN Mobility will also provide an integrated approach to connecting the Indian automotive industry with society. The main aim of the two companies is to create a clean ecosystem with eco-friendly, safe, and congestion-free mobility. OSM’s clean energy mobility solution incubator and SUN Mobility’s convenient EV technology solutions aim to fast-track future mobility via green energy.

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