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Revolt E-Bikes – Smartphone becomes the key

Revolt Motors
Written by Nayak

Smartphones are one of the essential pieces of equipment in current times. There are so many things that a smartphone of today’s generation can do. Taking this forward, Revolt Motors has introduced a virtual bike key. This means the rider no longer has to carry a physical key. Revolt Motors has developed an innovative way that converts the rider’s smartphone into a virtual key. Riders can now switch on/off their bike remotely using MyRevolt App. Revolt Motors will start offering this feature to Revolters from the month of September 2021. Revolt has also confirmed that existing customers of RV400 will get this feature via system updates.

How Does This Feature Work?

The rider will have to open their MyRevolt app and slide the power button from left to right, and abracadabra, your RV400 is ready to take you places. This is as simple as unlocking your mobile device. This is also a very convenient way to use the motorcycle without the hassle of inserting the key to start your motorcycle. Along with this, the rider can also activate, deactivate and locate their motorcycle via the mobile application. Revolt Motors also claims that these motorcycles get all the cutting-edge technology like AI and Cloud that help provide its customers with an extraordinarily seamless driving experience.

In Other News

The electric mobility segment in India is witnessing a very significant shift. Customers today have a plethora of high-quality options to choose from, especially in the two-wheeler segment. Revolt Motors is currently one of the few EV makers in the electric motorcycle segment and is doing pretty well in sales and demand. But, going forward, it is obvious that more and more companies will join in and tough competition. Revolt Motors currently has two products to offer, RV300 and RV400. Both these motorcycles have created a very positive impact on the market.

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