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Revolt electric bikes sold out within minutes, AGAIN!

Written by Nayak

Revolt RV400 once again sold out within minutes of its opening of online sale. Last time, this was precisely what had happened when Revolt Motors had opened sales on 18 June. Replicating the same story, the products were also sold out within minutes of opening online sales. Given the rising fuel prices, customers these days are so much inclined towards buying electric vehicles.

Revolt claims that INR 9 per 100 km running cost is much lesser than the running cost of petrol motorcycles. Petrol motorcycles cost around INR 250 to run per 100 km. In addition to this, electric vehicles also provide a sense of responsibility to customers as they are non-polluting, in fact helping in the reduction of the carbon footprint.

Revolt RV400 Top Selling Electric Motorcycle

Given the rising demand for electric vehicles in the past few years, Revolt’s RV400 is also garnering a lot of sales. Revolt claims that this motorcycle beats its competing petrol counterparts in almost every aspect. One of the main concerns of electric vehicles is their riding range, and RV400 tops in this aspect as well. Revolt claims a riding range of 150 km on a single charge on this motorcycle with a top speed of 85 kmph. Along with this, customers also get all the latest connected tech. This includes features like bike locator/geotagging, customized sounds, riding statistics, battery status, and more.

Fame II Subsidy Makes Owning An EV Much Lucrative

The recent amendment in the Fame II subsidy and various state government’s green initiatives further push for the sales of EVs in the country. Like in Maharashtra, the state government is providing incentives of more than INR 25,000 per motorcycle. Gujarat government has also updated its EV policy, and it now provides incentives worth INR 20,000 per motorcycle. States like Telangana and Tami Nadu have provided incentives in the form of waving off the road tax for electric two-wheelers. All these factors work in synergy and help in boosting the sales of electric vehicles in India.

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