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Ola & GiveIndia will provide oxygen concentrators for free

Written by Nayak

Ola Foundation and GiveIndia announce their partnership to fight the ongoing Covid-19 crisis in the country. The situation in the country is getting worse, as the cases keep on increasing. The entire healthcare chain is facing a shortage of essential medical equipment. Most importantly, the lack of oxygen in the healthcare facilities is taking a toll on the Covid-19 patients. So, to help change the situation, mobility giant Ola announced its partnership with GiveIndia. Under this, Ola Foundation, the philanthropic channel of Ola, will provide its consumers with oxygen concentrators. The service is currently rolling out in Bengaluru. The customers need to log in to the Ola app and avail of this service.

Ola Plans To Provide 10,000 Oxygen Concentrators

The initial target is to provide 500 oxygen concentrators in the coming week. Once everything is set up, Ola aims to provide more than 10,000 concentrators across the country in the coming weeks. To ensure a seamless and convenient process, Ola will leverage its mobile application. The consumers will have to enter a few basic details to request an oxygen concentrator. Then, Ola will validate the details and send one of its cabs with the oxygen concentrator and deliver it to the consumer’s doorstep. When the consumer has no use of the oxygen concentrator, Ola will pick the device and return it to GiveIndia. Ola ensured that the oxygen concentrators would be completely free of cost.

In Other News,

Ola is on the verge of entering the electric vehicle segment in India. Ola electric scooter will try to leverage the current demand for electric mobility in the country. The brand is building its manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu, which will become the largest two-wheeler factory in the world. The scooter production will begin in June 2021, with a target of producing 2 million units per year. Recently, rumours emerged suggesting that Ola is also planning to launch an electric car soon.