New tyre norms coming to India to help customers

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Since 2012, the European Tyre Labelling Regulation has been providing consumers across Europe with information on fuel efficiency, safety and noise. This essential information allows the consumer to make an informed buying decision. The tyre labelling system provides customers with details such as rolling resistance, wet grip and external rolling noise.

Now, MoRTH (Ministry of Road Transport and Highways) in India has issued a new draft notification, proposing new regulation for tyres. According to the notification, MoRTH will put new rules concerning rolling resistance, wet grip and external rolling noise. These new regulations will apply to all cars, buses and trucks. The new regulations will be in line with the latest European rules that have come into force from 1st May 2021.

What is the goal of new tyre regulations?

The new tyre regulations aim to improve road safety, improve fuel efficiency, and reduce noise pollution. The tyre manufacturer will have to provide information such as the rolling resistance, which plays an essential role in the vehicle’s fuel efficiency. This will also inform the user how fuel-efficient the aftermarket tyre will be and enable one to save fuel and reduce the carbon footprint.

The label will also include information on the grip of the tyre. This is especially useful during rainfall and in areas where there is snowfall. The information on the label will indicate the relative braking distance as well. Additionally, the tyre manufacturer will have to add information such as the rolling noise in decibels on the label. All the new regulations will also ensure that substandard tyres are driven out of the market, ensuring road safety.

When will the new tyre regulation come into effect?

MoRTH has kept a one month window to invite suggestions and objections to the new regulation. After this period, the proposed standards will become applicable for new tyre designs starting 1st October 2021 and 1st October 2022 for existing tyre designs. New tyre designs that Manufacturers will introduce in the Indian market will need to adhere to the new regulation on all types of Cars, trucks, and Busses.

MoRTH will incorporate the new regulations in the Automotive Indian Standards (AIS) 142:2019 as an amendment. In the future, the government will include these regulations in the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

CEAT has already introduced such label ratings for their tyre in the Indian market. The ratings coincide with the new regulations.

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