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Michelin gets India’s first fuel efficiency 5 Star rating for passenger car tyre

Written by Rohit Tonapi

Michelin has become the first tyre brand in India in the passenger vehicle segment to get 5 Star rating by the BEE. The Pilot Sport 4 SUV and Latitude tyres’ 5 Star rating shows Michelin’s commitment to offering its best technology and state-of-the-art products to its Indian customers. Furthermore, Michelin also became the first brand in India to get a 4 Star rating for its commercial vehicle tyre, X Multi Energy Z. Michelin also makes this commercial tyre in India.

The New Star Labelling Regulations – What Is It?

In 2021, the Ministry of Power and Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas published a notification stating that car, bus, and truck tyres meet new requirements of rolling resistance and wet grip. The new requirement standards are specified by BEE and are based on Stage-I of the Automotive Industry Standards (AIS).

 The new regulations will demand new tyres sold in India to meet these performance and safety standards. Standards such as rolling resistance and wet grip. Currently, the regulation is not mandatory. However, when it becomes mandatory, all domestic and foreign tyre brands will require to attribute a BEE star label. This will include all the passenger cars, bus and truck tyres sold in India.

Advantages Of A 5-Star Rating Tyre

On average, a 5 Star tyre will consume up to 9.5 per cent compared to any other lower-star-rated tyre. Thus, it also co-relates to lesser greenhouse gas emissions. On average, there would be up to 750 kg less Co2 emissions after switching to a 5-star product versus a lower-star one. We all know that the fuel prices across the globe will remain volatile. Therefore, consumers can save a lot of money by switching to 5-star rated tyres.

MICHELIN’s Latitude Sport 3 & Pilot Sport 4 SUV

The Lattitude Sport 3 are the third generation of the Latitude on-road SUV tyres. They are also a part of Michelin’s global line-up. Michelin uniquely designed these tyres to offer the best-in-segment driving experience, performance and fuel consumption. They also offer grip in all types of terrains. The tyres do not compromise on the grip but also offer minimal rolling resistance. Thus, improving fuel efficiency. The tyre’s design maximum torque transfer while braking or accelerating. Therefore, improving the steering precision.

On the other hand, the Pilot Sport 4 SUV is a high-performance premium SUV tyre. Michelin developed it to offer unlimited driving pleasure, great longevity, braking performance and dynamic handling. The tyres outperform peers in dry and wet on-road braking. Thus, offering shorter braking distances. They also provide better roll resistance. This results in better fuel efficiency and safety.

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