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Mercedes-Benz VISION EQXX rides on special Bridgestone Hyper-Efficient tyres

Written by Rohit Tonapi

Mercedes-Benz AG has selected Bridgestone as the tyre development partner for its technology programme, the Mercedes-Benz VISION EQXX. The futuristic EV is the Mercedes-Benz’s answer to making EVs more efficient and increasing electric range to a new level. Bridgestone engineers collaborated with Mercedes-Benz to create custom-designed tyres. The tyres increase the vehicle’s efficiency and thus driving range to a real-world 1,000km. – from Sindelfingen, Germany to Cassis, France – on a single charge.

Bridgestone Turanza Eco Tyres – Details

Bridgestone developed an ultra-low rolling resistance tyre with an optimised design for an EV. This, in turn, help deliver an incredible range in the real world. Bridgestone’s Turanza Eco tyres combine its ENLITEN and ologic technology. They enhance the battery range using a large tyre diameter to reduce rolling resistance and narrow tyre width to reduce the aerodynamic resistance. Bridgestone, in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz’s aerodynamic department, developed optimised sidewalls. The bead area design also matches the covers mounted on the wheels, improving the tyre’s aerodynamics. The vehicle uses 20-inch forged-magnesium wheels for further weight reduction.  

On the recent record-setting drive by Mercedes-Benz from Sindelfingen to Cassis, the tyre contributed to the car’s overall efficiency. The VISION EQXX delivered an incredible energy consumption of 8.7 kWh per 100 km on the record drive.

Bridgestone Turanza Eco Tyres – Development Process

Bridgestone developed the tyres using its virtual tyre modelling and simulation capabilities. The simulation enables a digital version of an in-development tyre to be created and tested. Thus, reducing the development time considerably. 

Bridgestone used the virtual environment for a large part of the development process. This meant they could predict how the tyre would perform in different conditions before physically building it. The virtual tyre development’s speed offers increased flexibility which helps Bridgestone try way more variants of a tyre. In addition to this, being able to test the changes made instantly cuts down the development time.

The virtual tyre development has multiple environmental benefits as well. The natural resource use and exhaust emissions are cut, thanks to a lower number of prototypes that need to be produced and tested.

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