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MG Cyberster EV unveiled, claims 800 kilometres range

Written by Nizam Shaikh

MG has been teasing the new Cyberster concept which will soon be put into production to become a high-range powerful 2-door electric sports car. Now MG reveals more pictures of the MG Cyberster concept showing the exterior design detail of the Battery Electric Vehicle. The MG Cyberster concept will make its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show between 21-28 April 2021.

Design & Styling

MG’s Advanced Design Centre in London is responsible for the development of the MG Cyberster Concept and the design carries the MG DNA reverberating with the brand’s heritage, building on the brand advancement in design and technology. The MG Cyberster features the classic MG light signatures from the yesteryears as well as the thin grille and an easily recognisable “Windhunter” front face design but underneath, the future car comes with technology such as the interactive ‘Magic Eye’ headlights that open when switched on, ‘laser belt’ LED strip on the side of the Cyberster, a flattened ‘Kamm tail’ design, the LED taillights also integrate flat into the rear, projecting a digital image that resembles the Union Jack.

Gaming Cockpit Interiors

The brand claims that the MG Cyberster is the world’s first pure electric super sports car to get a gaming cockpit. The concept features a blend of Virtual and Reality with the use of touch-sensitive interior controls, large LED screens, light bands, high-gloss metal finishes and 5G interconnectivity. The Cyberster features zero-gravity sporty seats and a gamepad-like steering wheel. The car also features a camera instead of Outside Rear View Mirrors which display the outside image on the wide curved instruments panel. The MG Cyberster also gets a futuristic transmission tunnel along with a palm scanner that can identify the driver and make pre-installed adjustments to the seat position, steering, driving mode etc, similar to a game profile. The MG Cyberster will also have Autonomous L3 intelligent driving technology.


Powering the MG Cyberster Concept is an intelligent all-electric architecture with smart technology and high-performance mechanical parts along with a modular battery (CTP) technology, that enables a range of 800 kilometres on a single charge. The sports car is also able to sprint from 0-100 kmph in just 3 seconds. The brand will reveal the top speed of the electric sports car, as well as the charging architecture, upon its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show at the end of April 2021.

Will MG Bring a Production Model & When?

According to the brand, the MG Cyberster will not just be a concept car but will be put into mass production. While the brand did not reveal the dates when the production car makes its market debut, but it could be the year 2024, as the British car brand completes 100 years of existence, and this could be the perfect time to announce a futuristic 2-door electric sports car that draws inspiration from the classic MGB Roadster, connecting the old and the new.