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MG Astor SUV will get Apple CarPlay & Android Auto as standard

Written by Nayak

MG has announced more details about its upcoming mid-size SUV, Astor. The carmaker has confirmed that the Astor will get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard across all its variants. This ensures seamless access of content along with providing the customers with an array of other services. This is also a safety feature because the driver has access to their mobile phone while keeping their hands on the steering wheel. In addition to this, Astor will also get a JioSaavn app for streaming music and videos.

MG Astor’s Infotainment System

The carmaker has released images of the infotainment system of the Astor. It is a 10.1-inch touchscreen unit with all the latest features. Astor has the tagline of ‘India First Car With AI Inside’, which is also reflected in the smart features that the car has. One of the key features of this system is the personal AI assistant. With the help of AI, this system can actually present human-like emotions and voices. It can also provide information on almost every topic through Wikipedia. MG’s i-Smart Hub is a platform that allows the customers to view partnerships, services and subscriptions of CAAP. This will also allow the customers to personalize their set of services.

More Features Included With Astor

If all these services were not enough, we have more to talk about. Astor also includes subscriptions of maps and navigation with MapMyIndia, Jio connectivity, the first-of-its-kind Blockchain-protected vehicle digital passport by KoineArth and more. A very innovative customer-centric feature is the reserving parking slot. With the help of the head unit, customers can now reserve a parking lot before they reach their destination. This feature has been developed in collaboration with Park+. As of now, there are only some selected cities where this feature will work. But, Park+ is rapidly adding more cities into its network.

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