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Mercedes-Benz V8 engines could survive past 2030

Written by Rohit Tonapi

German luxury carmaker, Mercedes-Benz, has already laid out its electrification plans. The brand plans to go fully electric by the end of 2030. However, there’s hope for ICE fans. According to the latest reports, the brand could continue offering high-performance V8-powered AMG models beyond 2030. Thus, despite the industry shifting towards EVs, Mercedes-Benz is not ready to concede the demise of the V8 engine. 

Mercedes-Benz V8s Will Live On…

The brand’s vehicle development Vice President, Joerg Bartels, recently stated that EVs will take over the performance car segment, but there will still be room for future product plans for its V8 engine. He also mentioned that the brand plans to become carbon neutral by 2039. And, from 2030, offer only pure-electric products. 

However, if there is customer demand for the V8 engine in certain regions, and it is still in the brand’s offering, then the company have no plans of stopping. At the same time, he also explained that it is difficult to predict how the market will evolve over the coming decades. It will all depend on the emission regulations, he added. 

… But They Will Come At A Cost

Joerg Bartels is cautious as he also states that the brand will face challenges on the diesel as well as on the petrol side. There will still be some customers who would want a straight-six or a V8 engine. Thus, to cater to these customers, Mercedes-Benz will continue making V8s. 

Joerg Bartel says that one can find technical solutions for every request and every regulation. However, these sometimes come along with higher costs. He adds that customers are not always willing to put up with the higher costs. 

The global product boss also explains how it will be hard to justify combustion engine development from the mid-2020s. This is due to the upcoming EU7 emission regulations.

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