KTM conducts Adventure Trail in Mumbai, single-day adventure rides

Written by Nayak

KTM India successfully conducted the KTM Adventure Trails in Mumbai. This event’s main aim was to introduce the owners to adventure biking by taking them on single-day rides to exciting trails. Furthermore, KTM mentioned that these trails were carefully selected and curated by KTM Experts, thus ensuring a wholesome riding experience. Moreover, these tracks will also help to impart basic riding techniques for navigating terrains of different kinds.

KTM’s Adventure trails are located within the vicinity of their cities, and riders discover hidden paths that they have never seen before. This event is open exclusively for KTM Adventure owners. This event is also helpful for those who want to get familiar with their motorcycles and test them to their capabilities. Interested KTM Adventure owners and customers who wish to enrol can reach out to their respective dealerships as per the schedule. For the coming months, KTM will arrange these events across other cities as well.

KTM Adventure Trail – Mumbai Story

The event started off in Vashi and ended in Karjat. KTM experts played a pivotal role in making this event a success. They were responsible for ensuring the successful navigation of all riders to complete the trial. KTM experts briefed the riders on crucial off-roading essentials like vision, body control, bike controls, etc. In addition to this, the customers also got explanations and demonstrations of the tech features in the Adventure bikes like the MTC, Off-road ABS, Cornering ABS, Quickshifter and more.

These events have been quite successful, as evident from the overwhelming response they got. Events like this also help KTM in attracting more customers to opt for its Adventure range of motorcycles. On the other hand, KTM has also organised Adventure Tour, which is a long-distance adventure ride to seven iconic destinations. KTM’s story in India began in 2012, and since then, the company has grown tremendously. The brand has expanded its presence to over 365 cities and 460 stores across the country. As of today, the customer base has clinched the 3 lakh mark with more adding as we write this.

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