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KTM Adventure Trails training experience launched in 10 cities

Written by Nayak

KTM announced that its Adventure Trails will be conducted in 10 cities over a period of next few months. This single-day riding experience is aimed towards providing a new and refreshing experience for all the participants. The main aspect of the Adventure Trail is to impart knowledge about riding motorcycles in different terrains and familiarise the riders with the basics of off-road motorcycling.

All the KTM Adventure owners can take part in this event which will be conducted in the nearby areas of their base location. KTM claims that this event will take the riders to terrains where they would not have ever imagined that they could ride. These nature trails have been decided and curated upon thorough examination by the KTM experts who will guide all riders with their expert knowledge in these events. The guides are well trained and competent enough to support riders of all backgrounds be it a beginner or even an expert off-road rider. To enrol in this event, the owners of the KTM Adventure motorcycles need to contact their dealership who will further guide them with all necessary details and proceedings.

During the day, the riders will also be trained on important off-roading essentials namely; vision, bike control, body control and a brief explanation of features like off-road ABS, cornering ABS, MTC, Quickshifter+ and more. With the knowledge and training, the owners will get to know more about the capabilities of their motorcycles both for on and off-road conditions. The dates of the Adventure Trails for Bangalore is 6th, 13th and 14th February, Pune is 7th and 14th February, Delhi is 7th February and 21st March, Chennai is 13th February, Hyderabad is 14th February, Calicut is 20th February, Guwahati is 27th February and Kolkata is 20th March.

KTM is one of the leading premium motorcycle companies in India which has spread its network in more than 365 cities with more than 460 stores. With a total customer base of 2.7 lakh, KTM will look into adding more such events in the upcoming days. With the introduction of events like Adventure Trails, KTM is bringing in the off-road motorcycle genre to India which is still at a very nascent stage.