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Komaki VENICE ECO high-speed electric scooter launched at INR 79,000

Written by Rohit Tonapi

Komaki aims to reshape the electric vehicle ecosystem in the country, and to help with that, Komaki has launched its latest high-speed electric two-wheeler – VENICE ECO. This is the first economic model in Komaki’s 7th edition of high-speed registration models during the festive season. 

Gunjan Malhotra, Director of Komaki Electric Division, said that the brand has emerged as one of the leading ones in the green and clean mobility domain. It did so by building up its reputation and customer trust. This was possible by manufacturing EVs that are high quality, high performance, safe, low maintenance and have a long life. He also added that Komaki is optimistic that the VENICE ECO will become synonymous with electric vehicles.

Komaki VENICE ECO – Price & Availability

The latest EV from Komaki will be available across India from today. The brand has priced the VENICE ECO at 79,000 ex-showroom. Thus, the competitive and eye-catching price tag makes the VENICE ECO a great option for someone in the market for a high-speed EV.

Komaki VENICE ECO – Highlights

Komaki has equipped the VENICE ECO with its 3rd generation TFT screen. This results in better navigation and a more stress-free ride. In addition to this, like Komaki’s latest products, the VENICE ECO also comes with fire-resistant Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LiPO4) battery. It also gets a real-time lithium battery analyzer.

According to Komaki, the LiPO4 batteries are safe and do not lead to a fire in extreme cases. This is because the battery cells contain iron. Komaki has also reduced the number of cells by one-third, which reduces the cumulative heat it generates inside the battery pack.

The Komaki VENICE ECO also comes with an additional backrest at the end of the comfortable seat. For storage, the VENICE ECO gets underseat storage as well as front storage. Another highlight of the VENICE ECO is its self-diagnosis and repair feature.

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