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Hyundai Staria premium minivan teased

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Hyundai has released a set of teaser images for the brand upcoming new MPV christened the Hyundai Staria. Hyundai derives the nomenclature from ‘Star’ and ‘Ria’ the definition if which, according to the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary is “a long narrow area of water formed when a river valley floods”. The Hyundai Star and Ria combine to become Staria and thus offers a reference to the future-oriented products from the brand that comes with a clean and curvy silhouette, streamlined design and body volume.

Design & Styling

According to the teaser images, the Hyundai Staria offers a futuristic design language that echoes itself with the design of a spaceship with design elements such as a smooth flowing front design, an imposing radiator grille with a bronze finish, an LED light strip that completely warps the front end giving the MPV its futuristic look, LED headlamp cubes sitting lower on the bumper flanking the radiator grille mesh. The Staria comes with expansive panoramic windows and lower belt lines that improve the greenhouse of the MPV and allows more light to the occupants giving the MPV an open feeling. The tail end features vertically-oriented LED-matrix lamps and the Staria comes with slightly flared wheel arches and aerodynamically optimised alloy wheels.

Interior Features

The Hyundai Staria claims to be not only ideal for business use but also comfortable for family use. The brand has optimised the cabin to offer premium comfort and convenience to the occupants. The Hyundai Staria features a multilayered dashboard but comes with a minimalist approach for its design. The vertically-oriented central infotainment system houses most of the features and controls on the MPV and the openness of the cabin is thanks to the lack of the transmission tunnel between the driver and passenger. The rear occupants also get a lounge seating experience.

The Hyundai Staria will also be available in the Staria Premium variant in select markets and come with premium features and variant-exclusive finishes.

In other news

Hyundai could be planning to launch the Nexo Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle (HFCV) in the Indian market as the brand has received type approval for the Hydrogen-powered vehicle.