Ford India tells you How to Maintain Your Car During Lockdown

Written by AnantaSaranNayak

In the wake of this ongoing pandemic, Ford India has released a few tips on car maintenance during the lockdown. The second wave of Covid-19 is a significant hurdle restricting the movement of everyone alike. Most of the office going personnel and businesses are now working from home, and hence their car is being parked for an extended period.

Thus to address this concern of the customers, Ford came up with this idea which will help keep the cars in their best shape. Ford customers who have their vehicles equipped with FordPass can check the vehicle health via the FordPass mobile app. The app has other features like remote start/stop, lock/unlock, vehicle locator and more.

The Key Tips As Mentioned By Ford

Starting with the place where the car will spend most of the time in this lockdown, the parking spot. Ford advises the customers to park their vehicles in the shed, away from direct sunlight and dust. If this is not possible, a good quality car cover can also help. Even if the car remains parked, it is equally important to keep the tyre pressure checked regularly. Customers are advised not to overinflate or underinflate the tyres. Ford also mentioned not to keep the car parked by engaging the hand brake for an extended period. This could sometimes lead to rust and pack the brake pads and the disc/drum, causing a jam.

More Useful Tips

Ford also encouraged the customers to fill up their fuel tank. If the tank has less fuel, this could lead to a possible rusting on the inside of the tank. Low fuel can also wear the fuel pump faster. In fact, parking the car for a very long period with low fuel may cause condensation and mixing of water with the fuel. If you want the cars’ battery not to drain away, then disconnect its terminals. Alternatively, customers can also idle the engine for a few minutes to ensure the battery remains charged. Changing the engine oil and keeping the interior clean will have many positive impacts during this lockdown.

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