Continental reveals advanced tech features for two-wheelers

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Continental Automotive India recently concluded a two-day two-wheeler TechDrive event on the 4th and 5th of April. The venue for the event was Taneja Aerospace and Aviation Limited in Hosur. At the event, the technology company showcased its latest offerings in Advanced Riders Assistance Systems, Advanced ABS. The brand also showcased connected technologies, software solutions, safety solutions, tyres, and surface solutions. Continental Automotive India is keen on showcasing advanced technologies as India boasts to be the largest two-wheeler market in the world. Continental is also committed to offering intelligent and affordable technologies in the Indian market. Here is a glimpse of what two-wheeler technologies were on display.

Advanced Rider Assistant Systems (ARAS) for Two-Wheelers

Continental displayed advanced technologies for two-wheelers which includes Blind Spot Detection (BSD) and Lane Change Assist (LCA). Furthermore, ARAS also includes Optimized Curve Braking (OCB), which helps riders apply brakes efficiently. BSD uses a radar sensor to monitor blind spots in the adjacent lanes. The system also provides visual warnings to the rider in case of any approaching vehicles. LCA features a rear-facing radar that scans the road area behind and next to the motorcycle. If the system detects that the lane change is not recommended, LCA warns the rider.

OCB helps riders efficiently apply brakes in curves or turns where there is a high tendency for accidents due to wheel lock-up. Using lean angle information from the Continental sensor box, the braking system becomes sensitive to prevent lock-up while providing optimum braking. OCB will help riders improve the braking efficiency of the motorcycle, even in corners preventing the chances of lock-up. The system also helps the rider steer through a curve while braking. 

Other Technologies From Continental

Continental also showcased advanced technologies such as a Digital Service Platform. This includes Key as a Service, geo-fencing, live tracking, B2B Interface, User Registration & Management, Smart Booking, and Trip History. The brand also revealed that thanks to the latest 5G technology Continental’s TCU (Telematics Control Unit) with the latest mobile technology would further increase driving safety, comfort and efficiency. 

The brand also revealed a Deflation Detection System Plus (DDS+). This helps detect tyre pressure loss by using a wheel speed sensor signal, and no additional sensors. The brand also showcased a key component for connected vehicle technologies called Mobile Communication Unit (MCU).

Also on display were the 48V Battery Management System (BMS), scalable Contact Sensor System (CoSSy), Wheel Speed Sensors (WSS), Engine Speed sensors, and eRPS (Electric Rotary Position sensor). Continental also showcased solutions such as Key as a Service (KaaS), Hybrid Display Solution with Connectivity feature, Diagnostic Solutions and TFT Display Solution. The brand also revealed Generic Vehicle Control Unit (gVCU), Synchrochain Carbon belt, Synchroforce Carbon belt, ContiRoad, and Continental Surface Solutions at the two-day event. 

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