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Continental India has produced 5 Million Electronic Brake System Units

Written by Akhil Dalvi

American technology company Continental has achieved a milestone of producing 5 million Electric Brake System Units (EBS) in India. The company’s plant located at Gurgaon has reached this stage after just 5 years of operation despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Continental India’s production schedule comprises the EBS portfolio that includes ESC for passenger vehicles and ABS for four and two-wheelers. This milestone also fulfils the companies’ ‘Vision Zero’ philosophy which includes Zero Fatalities, Zero Injuries, and Zero Crashes.

Emphasis on Localization 

Continental India states that localization has been an important part of its strategy whilst aiming towards the 5 million milestone. The company has been consistently working on increasing its manufacturing and R&D footprint across India based on customer preferences. In keeping with Continental’s unrelenting commitment to safety, the localization of EBS units began in Gurgaon back in 2016. Meanwhile, Continental India began the manufacturing of electronic control units (ECU) for EBS in January 2018 at their Bangalore plant.

Currently, Continental is actively trying to rapidly expand its localization efforts by following its ‘in the market, for the market’ philosophy. Therefore, the company focuses on expediting the entire value chain from R&D to design and production based on customers’ requirements. This way, Continental is enabling easy access to safety products by adapting globally proven technologies to suit the local market. Its wide-scale production methods allow for cost-effective processes that work best in a value-driven market like India.

Anti-Lock Brake Systems (ABS) & Electronic Stability Control (ESC): Details 

Continental has always focussed on the production and development of various safety products catering to different segments of vehicles. For instance, the MK 100 ABS Entry has been designed for vehicle segments A, B, and C in the growing markets. With a compact, lightweight packing of less than 1200 grams, the MK 100 product family consists of hydraulic and electrical interfaces. This makes the MK 100 easily applicable for platform concepts of car manufacturers wanting to benefit from a scalable product range.

Meanwhile, Continental offers a two-channel ABS MK 100 MAB or three-channel MK 3-2 MAB for two-wheelers as a mid-range feature. Additionally, the company also offers the MK 100 Motorcycle Integral Brake System (MIB) as the top-spec ultimate safety feature. Continental provides an affordable, high-performance, one-channel, entry-level ABS called the MiniMAB to improve the active safety of motorcycles. In terms of ESC, Continental offers a high-performance MK 100 system that includes brake-by-wire technology and other convenient functionality.

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