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Citroen reveals the AMI electric quadricycle

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Citroen has revealed a new 100% electric mobility solution which the brand claim is easy and accessible for everyone. By everyone, Citroen means that the small electric vehicle can be operated by persons who do not hold a driving licence but are above the age of 14, well that applies in France but people above the age of 16 in other European countries can also drive the vehicle without a driving licence. The car in question is called Citroen Ami. 

Ami is based on the Ami ONE Concept that was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in 2019 and is targeted towards audience looking for an alternative to a scooter, bicycle or public transportation to be used for short journeys at a reasonable cost. The intention is to provide a cleaner and more eco-friendly vehicle that would be compact enough to move around city-centre traffic and offer last mile connectivity. 

Ami is 2410mm long, 1390mm wide, 1520mm tall and has a turning radius of 7.20 metres between walls. The total weight of the electric quadricycle is 485 kg and is powered by a 6 kW (8 ps) electric motor coupled to a 5.5 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. The battery pack can be recharged in 3 hours using a 220v wall charger and it can provide a range of around 70 km on a single charge. The light quadricycle with its clutchless drive and immediate torque availability is capable of speed up to 45 kmph. 

On the outside, the Citroen Ami features a bi-symmetrical design language and comes with a flat front fascia with round headlamps, a minimalistic bumper design, completely closed front end to aid wind resistance and a Citroen double chevron logo in the centre. On the side, the Ami features 14-inch alloys, rear-hinged doors, manually adjustable rounded ORVMs, a large glasshouse with a panoramic sunroof and windows that manually tilt upwards, reminiscent of the Citroen 2CV. 

On the inside, the car has a digital instruments panel, three-spoke steering wheel and to the right of the steering wheel is a smartphone holder which effectively becomes the infotainment and navigation system.

Ami will be made available in France in three options – Long Term Rental, Car Sharing or Purchase. For long term rentals, the Ami will cost EUR 19.99 including VAT per month and an initial payment of EUR 2,644 including VAT with a 48-month commitment. Car sharing costs EUR 0.26 per min with a commitment-free subscription fee of EUR 9.90. Ami can also be purchased at EUR 6,000 including VAT. 

We expect Citroen to launch the Ami in India in the future where it will be very beneficial as a last mile mobility solution keeping in mind the ever rising metropolitan traffic. If Citroen brings Ami to India it is likely to be priced around INR 7 to 9 lakh.