Check out the Keravan Kerala – A luxury Motorhome

Written by Akhil Dalvi

Kerala Tourism has partnered with Pinnacle Industries Limited to create a luxury Motorhome that promotes Caravan tourism in India. The leading manufacturer of automotive seating systems, interiors & speciality vehicles promised to roll out numerous motorhomes in the coming months. Pinnacle Industries Limited states that caravan tourism will bring forth required exponential growth for the pandemic-affected travel and tourism industry.

These customized vehicles not only provide a variety of amenities, comfort & luxury but also provide flexibility and freedom of travelling. The luxury motorhome will also help reduce the risks of people using public transport or spaces while in transit. Pinnacle Industries has designed the motorhome to offer the best of comfort and convenience for end-users whilst providing functional aesthetics.

The Keravan Kerala: Details 

Using the Force Traveler model T2 4020 as its base, the Keravan Kerala has been approved by the ARAI. Following the AIS 124 standards, the Pinnacle Motorhome sports a low turning radius when compared to other caravans. This will allow the owners to successfully navigate through backwater or narrow roads to gain an enhanced driving experience.

The Keravan Kerala sports living and sleeping quarters that can accommodate 9 seats which can convert into 2 beds. This setup offers enhanced comfort during travelling whilst staying inside the modern and elegant interior of the Keravan Kerala. Meanwhile, the motorhome also features a lounge at the rear, which owners can convert into a comfortable queen-sized bed.

Pinnacle Industries has ensured to craft the motorhome keeping the owner’s taste and needs in mind with plenty of accommodation. Additionally, the Keravan Kerala also features a kitchen, toilet, awning, direct/indirect LED lights, Mood Lighting, and Hot/Cold Water Provision. Other features include Control Touch Panel Circuits, mini-fridge, LED TV, external power supply with backup, music system, and 3 fire extinguishers.

Importance of Motorhomes 

Pinnacle Industries states that the onset of the pandemic has transformed the travel and tourism industries on a global scale. In recent months, however, there has been a resurgence of travel with a noticeable paradigm shift amongst Indian families. Travellers today focus on Slow, sustainable, responsible travel with the utmost concern for hygiene, safety, and social distancing whilst holidaying. Therefore, motorhomes bring about luxury, convenience, safety, hygiene, and accessibility to one platform, which redefines the idea of road travel.

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