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Brembo brake calipers to get LED lights

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Brembo is a name synonymous with high-performance braking components. The Italian automotive braking systems manufacturer provides components to a wide variety of cars and motorcycles, especially the high-end clientele. The brand is renowned for its stopping power, but this time Brembo has introduced a new LED lighting system.

No, we did not incorrectly type that; Brembo has indeed revealed the new G Sessanta concept brake calliper. The Brembo G Sessanta features LED light technology directly on the body of the calliper. The new calliper concept celebrates the brand’s 60th anniversary and draws inspiration from the first-ever brake calliper for motorbikes produced by the company.

What is Brembo G Sessanta?

For starters, integrating LED lights on the calliper might feel weird, but Brembo boasts that this embodies their ‘new vision of the future of mobility.’ The new LED light function claims to enhance the form and function of the component. The user is capable of controlling the interface using wireless technology.

G Sessanta LED Light

The user can control the light and colour using a smartphone and a dedicated application. It is also possible to personalise the colour of the LED lights. The user can use the light to express their mood or enhance the motorcycle’s styling. The user can also use the light to adapt to the surroundings or help localize a parked bike by emitting a courtesy light.

Brembo G Sessanta LED light Calliper Uses

Brembo also boasts that the lighting system can relay data of the motorcycle or the calliper itself. For example, a light pattern could warn the user of an impending brake service schedule or if it is time to replace the brake pads. But we think the system does a much better job of enhancing the visibility of the motorcycle. The LED light can be used as an extra brake light and if the brand can program the calliper with a specific morse code such as an SOS, …—… pattern, it could prove very helpful in times of emergencies.

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