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1,00,000th electric scooter rolled out by Ather

Written by Kanad Kalasur

Ather Energy has crossed a new milestone. The 1,00,000th unit of the 450X electric scooter has rolled out of the company’s assembly line in Hosur.

Production milestones of Ather Energy

In March 2022, the 25,000th unit of the Ather 450X was produced. In May 2022, the assembly line churned out the 50,000th unit.

Updates on the 2023 Ather 450X

In January 2023, Ather launched the updated 450X in India. Amongst others, the electric scooter comes with a new design seat and a 14-litre front storage compartment.

The latest Atherstack 5.0 software runs in the latest Ather 450X. This includes Auto Hold, a new interface and Vector Maps with live traffic overlays, among others.

Additionally, Ather had launched a few more colours for the 450X scooter. Customers now get to choose from four new colours. These are, namely, Luna Grey, Cosmic Black, True Red, and Salt green. In total Ather vehicles are now available in six new colours.

Powertrain of the Ather 450X

The Ather 450X Gen3 will continue to get a 3.66 kWh battery pack with a 3 phase PMS (Permanent Synchronous) motor. The Ather 450X Gen2 gets a smaller 2.23 kWh battery.

New Affordable Ather Scooter?

There were plans to launch a more affordable Ather scooter sometime last year. The move was likely to target rival Ola’s S1 Air, which has a starting price from INR 80,000. That said, Ola has now revised the price to INR 85,000. But for electric companies, not just Ather or Ola, but even carmakers, now is a key point as most of the subsidies for EVs are either coming down or have entirely been reduced to zero. This means, the EVs should be priced at an attractive amount right from the showroom. 

The affordable Ather could come with steel rims, cast-iron or steel frame and smaller battery and slightly lower performance.

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