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MY23 Ather 450X gets Auto Hold, new colours & more

Written by Nayak

Ather Energy, India’s leading electric scooter manufacturer, started off the year with a slew of industry firsts and features on its offerings. Ather has rolled out AtherStack 5.0, which is the biggest upgrade to its software engine which drives the vehicle.

AtherStack 5.0 is powering a brand-new UI for the dashboard. In addition to launching vector maps powered by Google, the company also expanded options for customers by introducing four new colours. Other added features include a new comfortable seat, AutoHoldTM to help to ride on inclines, an unmatched five-year extended battery warranty program, and the unveiling of Ather’s scooter accessories and merchandise.

Key Upgrades From Ather Energy


Atherstack:- With this you will witness a new Ather “STACK 5” that will have more updated technology. This UI is a new upgrade on the dashboard of the vehicle. With this customers will have a better view of the power available in the vehicle. Moreover, they can also now move icons more easily as they are placed in the same way on your mobile phone.


Navigation:- Ather Energy has added new Vector maps i.e. picturization of maps. The perspective mode change which has smooth navigation gives updates about new turns and live traffic maps.

Auto hold feature

Auto hold feature:- With this feature there’s no more holding the mechanical brakes on a steep place. This Auto hold mode works for unlimited time and all weather conditions as confirmed by Ather. Even with two people sitting on the scooter, the feature will work. The CEO said that in the coming months, the scooter will have more such new ride experiences. This includes Cruise Control, Crawl Control, and advanced regen.

Trip Planner

Trip Planner:- This feature assists the rider in finding the right charger on your way with the live status of chargers. The final version of Trip Planner can plan out the entire trip for the rider with multiple stops for charging or other errands.

Ather Battery Protect

Ather Battery Protect:- The battery now gets a two-year additional warranty. This covers the vehicle for a total of five years and 60,000km with 100 per cent coverage for all electrical failures. There’s an upper tag on the warranty, and the customer will also have deep discharge protection when they don’t use the vehicle for a long period. This offer is valid for all the previous Ather owners for the month of January.


Charging:- Ather charging grid now stands strong with 900 charging points. The plan is to add 1,300 fast chargers by March 2023. They have also launched a new Ather Grid 3.3kW charging with a scan and pay-to-charge option. This can charge all E2W, E3W, and E4W wherein the host can keep track of which chargers are occupied and which chargers are ideal.

Design and other updates

Design and other updates:- With this update the scooter now gets a narrow, flatter, steeper seat. Ather has also launched a slew of merchandise.

New Colours

New Colours:- The last update of the scooter is the addition of more colours for the Ather 450X vehicle. Customers now get to choose from four new colours. These are, namely, Luna Grey, Cosmic Black, True Red, and Salt green. In total Ather vehicles are now available in six new colours.

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