Would you buy your kid a Bentley?

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Bentley’s new balance bike is one of the most luxurious ways your kid can learn how to ride. The brand has launched the new balance bike for children aged above three years, allowing them to take their first steps into motoring. Unlike its vehicle range, the Bentley’s Balance Bike does not need you to be a movie star, a cricketer or an industrialist. But, it is not cheap either, as prices start at GBP 450 in the UK, which roughly translates to INR 46,500. 

Bentley Balance Bike Features

The Bentley Balance Bike comes with features reminiscent of the luxury car brand. The pedal-less bike features the same meticulous attention to detail and style as Bentley Motors’ designs. The bike features diamond-quilted handlebars and the iconic wings emblem reverberating with the luxury details found in Bentley cars. The Bentley Balance Bike also features an ergonomically designed adjustable seat, with eco-leather upholstery, Bentley wordmark and a carbon fibre-inspired pattern. 


Each Balance Bike comes with the ‘Bentley’ name painted across the frame. Bentley is also offering four colour option that matches the exclusive paints used on Bentley’s cars. The range of colours that children and parents can choose from includes – Onyx, Glacier White, Sequin Blue and Dragon Red. 

Mechanical Details

Drawing inspiration from Bentley’s car range, the Bentley Balance bike features a sleek magnesium alloy frame. The frame weighs 650 gm and is made with portability and durability in mind. Despite its featherlike weight, the frame is capable of supporting 35 kgs of weight. Bentley also employs aluminium rims on the balance bike. The 12-inch rims with a unique spoke pattern can withstand high degrees of curb weight levels without adding bulk to the cycle. The light yet strong aluminium rims are shod in rubber tyres that ensure comfort from bumps. 


The Bentley Balance Bike comes with a unique safety locking brake system, which is not available on any other balance bike in the market. This gives the riders utmost stopping confidence and echoes the brand’s emphasis on safety in the car world. 

Bentley products for children

Alongside the Balance Bike, Bentley also offers the Bentley Trike, ride-on cars, wooden garages, puzzles, blankets and teddy bears.

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