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Rolls Royce Phantom Tempus Collection revealed, all 20 units sold out

Written by Nizam Shaikh

The pinnacle of the luxury vehicle line-up Rolls Royce, the Phantom now gets a new Tempus Collection ultra limited to 20 units which as of now are all sold out as Rolls Royce has already allotted all the 20 units to clients around the world. The Tempus Collection draws inspiration from the mysterious celestial phenomenon and Time which was defined as a persistent illusion by one of the greatest minds in the world – Albert Einstien.

The Tempus concept

According to the brand, the owners of the Rolls Royce Tempus Collection are not bound by Time as the vehicle makes them forget the outside pressures and demands and hence the Phantom Tempus Collection deliberately comes without a clock. The Phantom Tempus is the car for people who shape the world as they seek their own place and the brand has created a space in which those restraints no longer apply.

Design & Styling

The Phantom Tempus collection comes with an intellectual theme that depicts time and cosmos. The key design feature in the Rolls Royce Tempus Collection is the integration of the Pulsar, a rare astronomical phenomenon undiscovered till 1967 and is found only in the deepest reaches of the universe. The closest Pulsar to be discovered is 280 light-years or 1,680 trillion miles away from Earth. The white-hot star in the Pulsar emits an extremely regular pulse of electromagnetic radiation making them one of the most accurate clocks found by mankind.

The Pulsar

The Rolls Royce Phantom Tempus Collection comes with a rendering of the Pulsar as a centrepiece in a Bespoke Starlight Headliner and consists of fibre-optic lighting and embroidery. 100 individually contoured columns are formed from a single billet of aluminium milled to perfection and represents the 100-million-year period of a rotational spin of a pulsar star. Each of the columns is anodised and hand-polished to reflect the light and though it is entirely solid the structure appears to ripple and flex. The illusion of Time standing still is depicted in the ‘Frozen Flow of Time’ Gallery which is a unique artwork in the dashboard fascia, from where the clock has been deliberately omitted. A twisting pattern of stars is also created from hundreds of illuminated perforations made in contrasting leather.