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White Motorcycle WMC250EV revealed, could cross 400 kmph

Written by Nizam Shaikh

British High-Performance technology brand White Motorcycles has revealed the new WMC250EV motorcycle. The motorcycle claims to become the first electric motorcycle in the world to cross the 400 kmph speed mark. White Motorcycles has worked extensively in the powertrain and the aerodynamics department to achieve the number. 

White Motorcycles WMC250EV – Aerodynamics

The WMC250EV is one of the many White Motorcycle concepts in the pipeline. But the brand boasts that the WMC250EV has now set the benchmarks and blueprints for all future projects. The brand has developed a bespoke aero duct within the e-motorcycle which is the product’s unique selling point.

The V-Air aerodynamic duct, along with the bodywork and the rider’s seating position, makes the motorcycle twice as efficient in terms of the range. The V-Air drag reduction technology has a patent granted in the UK and pending in Europe. The aerodynamic efficiency also helps the e-motorcycle with both speed and efficiency of energy use. This solves the central problem of the range limitation. According to the brand, the V-Air technology reduces the motorcycle’s aerodynamic drag by 69%, even in an extreme form. The brand reveals that the new technology will reduce pain and increase the downforce without killing the riding experience. 

White Motorcycles WMC250EV – Powertrain Specification

Powering the WMC250EV are two 20 kW electric motors that powers the front wheels of the motorcycle. Another 30kW electric motor powers the rear motors. Both motors draw power from a 15 kWh battery pack. The brand did not reveal the performance specifications yet. But the WMC250EV will be made entirely out of lightweight carbon fibre and aluminium. 

White Motorcycles WMC250EV – Launch Dates

White Motorcycles were planning to make the debut of the WMC250EV at the Silverstone racetrack in the UK. The “in-person” launch was scheduled for 23 June 2021. But due to the new covid-19 restrictions announced on 14 June 2021, the brand debuted the motorcycle online. In the coming months, the brand will likely hold an in-person event for the concept giving it the audience it justifies. 

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