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Volvo reveals Concept Recharge SUV

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Volvo is moving towards full-electrification as the brand plans to sell only electric vehicles by the end of this decade. The brand already has all-electric vehicles under the Recharge brand. But the all-electric cars are based on platforms optimized for internal combustion engines ICE. Now the brand has revealed its next generation of all-electric Volvos, revealing the Volvo Concept Recharge SUV. 

Concept Recharge Design

Boffins at Volvo now have the opportunity to play around with the aerodynamics and interior space, as the limitation of ICE is removed. But the brand boasts that the Concept Recharge stays true to its heritage of Scandinavian design. The design language also follows the mantra of ‘less but better.’ 

Since the next-generation all-electric Volvo does not need to share the platform with ICE cars, a full battery pack can be accommodated under the flat floor. The designers can also extend the wheelbase and the wheel size of the car. This means that the new-generation electric car can have a shorter overhang and a lot more interior space. Earlier, the designers had to balance in proportions and space as Volvo’s first-generation electric vehicles shared the platform between ICE and Electric. 

In the Concept Recharge, the designers can optimize the roof profile, reposition the seats, and lower the car’s bonnet. These also make gains in aerodynamic efficiency while giving the driver a commanding position similar to the Volvo XC40, XC60, and XC90. The gain in the aerodynamic department also leads to a gain in efficiency and, ultimately, the range of the battery pack. 

Concept Recharge Features

The Concept Recharge comes with a new shield-like structure replacing the traditional grille. The car also gets Volvo Cars’ Thor’s Hammer headlight design. This includes a new pure graphic technology that opens at night to reveal the main lamp units. The car also features vertical rear lamps and a set of wings that extend at high speeds improving aerodynamic efficiency.

On the inside, the car features a flat floor and 15-inch standing touchscreen infotainment. The touchscreen will come with the next-generation connected technology and will have an intuitive interface. The cabin will also use sustainable and natural materials extensively. Also included will be a LiDAR sensor, by Luminar which will provide safe autonomous drive technology. 

More Details on the Volvo Concept Recharge will be available in the near future.

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