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Foldable Ducati MG-20 e-bike offers 50 km range

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Ducati has launched a new e-bike in the international market. The folding e-bike MG-20 is priced at EUR 1,599 MSRP. This is the first time the Italian brand is launching a foldable e-bike. The brand uses its expertise from the world of motorsports to optimise the materials and aerodynamics of the e-bike.

Ducati MG-20 e-bike – Design & Styling

The Ducati MG-20 features a unique design that brings out Ducati’s sporting character. The brand has extensively worked to keep the profile of the e-bike aerodynamic and fluidic. The brand also boasts that the e-bike features sharp lines on the rims that aid in cheating the wind and improving efficiency. The e-bike is designed to traverse the urban environment. Therefore the brand employs a lightweight magnesium frame, fork and rims. The brand claims that the material is light yet solid and provides maximum performance without affecting impact resistance.

The wheels on the e-bike are 20-inch in diameter, and the brand boasts that the size of the small rims allows an easy folding mechanism. The pedals also require minimum space and are flexible. This feature opens up the use of the e-bike in combination with public and private means of transport. 

Ducati MG-20 e-bike – Powertrain

While a human primarily powers the e-bike, the brand also employs a 250W motor on the rear wheel. The motor is sensitive enough to recognise the road conditions and tweak the power output accordingly. The electric motor comes with a 36V 10.5Ah 378Wh SAMSUNG battery pack that will return a range of 50 km on a single charge. The e-bike is also able to traverse 25 kmph as per regulations. The battery sits within the frame, but the user can extract the battery for charging convenience. 

Ducati MG-20 e-bike – Top Features

The Ducati MG-20 e-bike also features three levels of assistance between 12 kmph, 18 kmph and 25 kmph. The e-bike also comes with a front LED headlight and reflective strips on the wheels, and a waterproof LCD. 

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