Want a Ducati that folds?

Written by AnantaSaranNayak

The concept of folding bikes seems like a promising mobility option. Many often dub it as being the most practical form of two-wheeled personal mobility. Now with the recent spike in demand for electric bikes, folding bikes are getting even more popular and sensible. Ducati too has forayed itself into this segment. Famous for building the world’s fastest and most powerful motorcycle, it is a surprise that we are seeing a folding bike from the same manufacturer. But now with the shift towards greener and cleaner options in the form of electric mobility, Ducati now has a say in this domain as well.

Ducati MG-20 – Folding Electric  Bike

This is the first foldable electric bike and gets all the bells and whistles as expected from a Ducati. The outlook of the machine has the quintessential Ducati’s racing DNA. The frame, fork and rims made of magnesium ensure minimal weight without any compromise to the structural rigidity. The unique design best suits city riding. The folding mechanism is a boon that allows the riders to mix it with public and private transportation. This enhances flexibility and convenience greatly.

Powering the cycle is a 250W rear motor that offers pedal assistance. With the equipped 36V 10.5Ah 378Wh Samsung battery, Ducati claims a riding range of up to 50 kilometres with a max speed of 25 kmph. The battery is built into the frame. But, riders can very easily remove it for charging it at home or office. There’s a waterproof LCD panel on the handlebar. This provides the rider with all the riding related stats. Alongside this, the LCD panel also provides control for primary operations like turning on the lights and selecting between three degrees of pedal assistance. To ensure safety, the bike gets a front LED lamp and reflective strips on the wheels.

The price tag for the electric vehicle is set at EUR 1,599 which converts to USD 1,663.

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