Want an electric Ducati? It’s got pedals too

Written by Akhil Dalvi

Italian two-wheeler manufacturer Ducati has built up a strong reputation around the globe for its ultra-luxury, performance motorcycles. Additionally, it’s no longer a secret that Ducati is currently focussing on developing race bikes for the MotoE series. Thanks to this, Ducati may someday utilise its learnings from MotoE and create a new portfolio of electric superbikes. Sources also suggest that Ducati may take advantage of Audi as its parent company by using its experience BEVs.

However, the brand has also offered electric bicycles for its enthusiasts across the globe along with high-performance motorcycles. Since 2019, Ducati has formulated a partnership with Thok E-bikes to develop electrically-assisted, high-end, off-road focussed bicycles for its customers. 2022 marked a big step up for the partnership as the e-bicycles received significant updates along with a new ‘Futa’ model. Therefore, here are the details of the 2022 range of Ducati e-cycles with all-new updates and features.

2022 Ducati MIG-S: Details 

Aimed for mountain riding enthusiasts, the 2022 MIG-S e-cycle has been designed to tackle difficult terrains around the globe. Ducati has now equipped the e-cycle with the latest Shimano EP8 electric engine and an aluminium frame with forged CNC-machined parts. Meanwhile, the 2.6 Kg, 250Watt engine provides an impressive 85 Nm thanks to the Shimano, semi-integrated, 630 Wh battery.

The 2022 MIG-S sports fully-adjustable, custom-tuned RockShox 35 RC Air front forks with RockShox Deluxe Select R air rear shock. With wheel travels of 150mm at the front and 140mm at the rear, the e-cycle features a ‘mullet’ wheel setup. The e-cycle’s other new features include the 12-speed, SRAM NX rear derailleur and SRAM Guide T, 203mm brake discs with 4-callipers.

2022 Ducati TK-01RR & TK-01RR Limited Edition: Details 

Targeting endurance racing enthusiasts, the TK-01RR e-cycle series has been designed to tackle extreme off-road conditions and long-distance riding. Ducati has also equipped the 2022 TK-01RR e-cycle series with a Shimano EP8 engine that produces 85Nm of torque. Along with an aluminium frame with hydroformed, forged and CNC machined parts, the e-cycle also sports a 12-speed transmission.

The brand has also equipped the e-cycle with an Öhlins RXF38 fork and the Öhlins TTX shock absorber for enhanced comfort. Additionally, Ducati has developed a Limited Edition version of the TK-01RR that features exclusive and refined details along with new parts. These include the Öhlins DH38 triple clamp race fork, carbon rim wheels, Magura MT7 brakes, and different body graphics.

2022 Ducati Futa & Futa Limited Edition: Details

The newest inclusion in Ducati’s portfolio of e-cycles, the Futa caters to the E-Road segment of pedal-assisted road cycles. Named after the Futa pass between Emilia Romagna and Tuscany, the Futa series focuses on covering greater distances and gradients. Ducati has equipped the all-new Futa e-cycle with a carbon fibre frame for increased torsional rigidity and enhanced rider comfort. Along with carbon fibre handlebars, the Futa sports an FSA System HM 1.0 electric motor at the rear hub.

Thanks to the 250Wh FSA battery located in the downtube, the electric motor develops 42 Nm of instant torque. Ducati has paired the electric motor with a wireless electronic-shifting 12-speed freewheel, whilst the e-cycle features a Garmin control system. Meanwhile, the company will produce only 50 examples of the limited-edition Futa, which features the special Ducati Corse livery. The limited-edition e-cycles will also feature innovative components like the Campagnolo Super Record EPS electromechanical Gruppo and extensive titanium construction.

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