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Volkswagen introduces Das WeltAuto 3.0, pre-owned car buying & selling platform

Written by Nizam Shaikh

German major car manufacturer, Volkswagen has launched a new pre-owned car sales and purchase platform called Das WeltAuto 3.0 (DWA) which focuses on the used car market and strives to provide quality pre-owned cars. The brand has opened 105 certified multi-brand pre-owned car facilities across India, but customers can also explore Das WeltAuto 3.0 by using the dedicated web portal as well as a dedicated mobile phone application available on both Apple and Android platforms. 

Through DWA Volkswagen assures the quality of the pre-owned cars for sale in addition to providing various additional services related to the purchase of used cars. DWA partners check the used cars using a comprehensive checklist that allows the brand to guarantee a safe and transparent used car purchase on every vehicle. 

DWA offers to buy and sell cars of all brands and it is not just limited to the exchange of Volkswagen car for the purchase of another Volkswagen car. DWA also takes necessary steps to establish, evaluate and certify the vehicle along with offering warranty, service value packages (upto 12 months) and accessories options. The evaluation process identifies and replaces defective parts and the completely refurbished car is inspected by a third-party inspector who then certifies the pre-owned car, before putting it out for sale.

The DWA service is focused to provide safer and accessible individual mobility options in these trying times of the pandemic where the market is predicted to make a trend shift towards affordable used car market. In view of the COVID-19, the brand also encourages its customers to use the completely digital interface made available by the brand and is one of its strategic pillars. 

The brand has also launched a mobile application that enables customers to self-evaluate their current vehicle and the valuations are completely transparent and provided on the basis with the algorithms given by the ‘Indian Blue Book’. The mobile application also allows customers to further interact with the DWA dealer of their choice and sell their car at an acceptable price.