Uber’s Lost & Found report – Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad & Bangalore

Written by AnantaSaranNayak

Uber recently released its 2023 edition of its Lost and Found report. This is a snapshot of the most frequently forgotten items and also includes the most forgetful cities. In fact, it also includes the days of the week and times of the year when Uber riders tend to be most forgetful.

The Most Forgetful City Is . . .

Talking of the most forgetful city, Delhi bagged the title. This comes in as ending Mumbai’s two-year run at the top. Hyderabad made it into the top 4 most forgetful cities for the first time. Meanwhile, 2019’s most forgetful city, Bengaluru, made a comeback as the 4th most forgetful city.

Uber’s Lost and Found Index is the perfect way to educate riders in a fun yet educative manner. This is about in-app options available to the rider at the tap of a button which helps in case they lose or forget something in their Uber during their trip.

Types Of Items Lost In Uber

Over the last year, the objects which were lost are not hard to guess. This includes bags, phones, wallets and clothing to top the list of items left in Uber across India. Then we have utility items such as keys, water bottles, and accessories that include spectacles and jewellery. Talking about the Indian context, there are some notable mentions like brooms, college admit cards, and their child’s stroller.

Uber Highlights Its In-App Lost-Found Retrieval Request

With this report, Uber mentioned that there is an option to contact support so riders can attempt to retrieve their belongings. This annual survey gets attention due to its fun yet informative nature.  The perfect way of reminding the riders to keep track of their belongings. It also reflects upon how easy it is to raise a retrieval request for a lost item in the Uber app.

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